FIRST! (Does Anyone Else Loathe This Internet Trend?)

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Any who, before I start actually posting reviews, I just thought I’d letcha know what the trend is going to be around here, at least starting off.  I’d definitely like to add more fun book related topics besides reviews in the future, but I suppose that all depends on if anyone actually reads what I’m writing ^_^  I usually read 1 book a week, sometimes more, sometimes not.  This all depends on varying factors such as my work schedule (which changes weekly), babysitting schedule (a newly acquired, hopefully not much longer, life sucking….), house upkeep do goods, and of course, just natural life balance.  I LOVE reading, I do it almost every day, but I do have other hobbies and sometimes you just gotta break it up and give love to the other makings of your heart.  So with that being said, I’m going to be posting a book review about once/twice a week.  Again, it all depends!

The first few reviews I’m going to be putting up are going to be books I’ve read somewhat recently and already have published reviews on via,, (still trying to figure this one out, this website is a bit confusing), and of course, (I will link all my accounts to these at the bottom of the post, as well as my “Get To Know Me and My Blog” section).  I will be updating these before I put them on here though so they will not be entirely the same cause that’s no fun and defeats the purpose!  But until I catch up on here, the first few reviews I post won’t be that different.  Now the whole reason behind me making this blog was to go more in depth with these reviews, so although they will be similar, if you’re reading it on here, you’re getting THE WHOLE REVIEW so it will be different.  Consider the views on my blog the novel and the reviews on every other website the ARCs or the “first few chapter sneak peaks.”  So you will see me making comments about books-to-screen via these smaller reviews, but on here, they will be 2 separate posts.  To me, it’s like 2 different reviews so I will not mush them together.  I will usually post these book-to-movie reviews either the same day or next day depending, again, on la sheshul (schedule).  Even if I’ve already seen the movie, I like to re-watch it after I’ve finished the book to get a fresh perspective and to make sure I can write the most accurate review possible.  Most likely these reviews will have SPOILERS, but I will put it in the header as a forewarning because I don’t want to ruin anything for anyone but I still want to give my whole hearted opinion!  So now that I got that out of the way, I will be posting my first review to my blog shortly…. dundunDUNNNN!


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