WordPress FAIL -_-

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I’m going to complain a little bit here about WordPress.  I’m not going to be super whiny because let’s face it, the product I’m using is free.  Now if I were paying for this, then you can guarantee I would be SUUUPER pissed right about now.

Anywho, I keep my blog up 24/7 on my laptop.  The other day I went to go refresh my feed and EVERYTHING’S CHANGED!  I do not like these changes.  I’m hoping this is just a test run because if anything it’s become LESS user friendly IMO  :'[

But those changes I can get use to, whatever.  The thing that has really made me sad is that MY HEADER IMAGE IS GONE!!  Wahhhh!  Now I’m left with just a turquoise layout, what is this nonsense?!  Now you might be thinking, really?  Just the header?  But believe me, it made all the difference.  Now, I’ve been waiting several days to a week to see if it will pop back up.  I’m thinking maybe when WordPress does these updates to their website that the supporting layouts have to update with it to be compatible and this one has not.  So now I’m thinking I have to find a whole new layout.  I would like to purchase one but with what I’ve experienced with the free one, I’d be scared to purchase one and later down the road run in to the same issues.

Now all I hope is that when I do find a new layout, I won’t have any issues when I go from “preview” to “save”  ….
Fingers crossed and thank you for baring with me on this somewhat dull blog page.  I’m sad it didn’t correct itself :'[

Happy Reading!  xo


**UPDATE:  I got my header back!  For some reason, the update hid it, but with a little tweaking, I was able to get it back to where it belongs, woohoo!**